Friday, January 27, 2012

CNS Seminar: Scott Grafton

January 31st

Scott Grafton
Dept of Psychology
University of California, Santa Barbara

Motor Simulation, Emulation & Imagery: When does the motor system solve problems of cognition?

Abstract.Rapid advances in brain-machine interfaces, the application of machine learning algorithms and efforts to augment human performance demand a deeper understanding of the structure of goal directed information being derived from the human motor system. This talk considers alternative accounts of motor related information and asks whether simulation within the motor system is used to solve problems of perception and cognition. New behavioral studies highlight the rarity of motor simulation, and demonstrate that many of the classic behavioral features of motor simulation experiments such as a sense of motion, biomechanical constraints and postural dependence can arise just as easily from non-motoric processes such as multi-sensory binding and other forms of direct matching.

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